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“I have been a patient of Dr. Warren for a year now and have had an excellent treatment/experience. My initial appointment lasted over half an hour and Dr. Warren was very caring. He listened carefully and made sure that all my concerns were fully addressed. I never had to buy any equipment from his office and it was never even suggested. I highly recommend Dr. Warren!”
– Ayman Abdallah

“I just found Dr. Warren, after my previous sleep doctor retired. Dr. Warren kind of took over for him essentially. Well, let me share with you what AMAZING experiences I’ve had with him, his staff, and his center in less than 1 week…He’s a kind, caring, compassionate, and listening doctor who REALLY takes into account YOU – the patient – in formulating the next best steps to help you find out what’s going on and improve your sleep. LOVE him! (wish he could be my primary) His staff? Top notch, professional, helpful, friendly, kind, accommodating. His office…well, let’s just say you feel like you’re at home – like in a dear friend’s living room waiting to have a conversation…warm, inviting, calming. So if you find you have a need for sleep help, GO TO DR. WARREN and his staff…you will NOT be disappointed!”
Susan Dascenzi

“I can not express how relieved I already feel from the good vibes I got on how great the treatment will be and the pure energy I feel when hearing it from the assistants “very nice I must add.” I really am truly pleased with the office visits here. Great people, clean house and a honest straight forward doctor. Truly a great guy! Thanks Dr. Warren. Thanks for giving me SLEEP back. Sincerely a happy man right now.”
– Gerald Vera

“This was the best experience I have ever had with a doctor and his office staff. They made my experience painless. I’d been putting off seeing a doctor about my sleep apnea for years. If I would have know it was going to be this easy, I would have done it right away. Thank you so much!!!”
– Jim Goocher

“The Staff! Just Amazing! The Communication and flow as a team is totally Awesome! Best decision I made was to come to Suburban Sleep! All issues were addressed at my 1st appointment! Just Unbelievable!”

“The staff at Suburban Sleep went out of their way to make sure that I get my rest. Would definitely recommend anyone to see Dr. Warren.”
– Bill Johnson

“Great service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else”
– Dan Olz

“Awesome place and staff.”
– Cathy L.



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