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For Safety Officers

Most experts recommend approximately eight hours of sleep per night. However, late nights at the office, shift work and familial obligations can chip away at the time needed for shut-eye. The end result? You might have employees who aren’t getting the sleep they need, and can affect their concentration, productivity and safety. That’s where you can count on us! We have helped thousands of patients get more restful sleep. And grateful employers have discovered that a good night’s sleep can make a big difference in in their bottom line.

If your employees complain of sleepiness, drowsy driving, or trouble with swing shifts and shift work, contact us to have a board-certified sleep physicians talk with them.


Don’t take chances on employee safety or workplace productivity. Consider the following statistics from the National Sleep Foundation.

  • 51% of the American workforce reports that sleepiness on the job interferes with the amount of work they perform.
  • 40% admit that the quality of their work suffers when they are sleepy.
  • 68% say that sleepiness interferes with their concentration and makes handling stress on the job more difficult.
  • 19% report making occasional or frequent work errors due to sleepiness.
  • 24% have difficulty getting up for work two or more workdays per week.
  • 7% of all workers admit to having changed jobs in order to get more sleep.
  • 68% of shift workers report problems sleeping.

One of our goals is to educate you about how sleep disorders may be costing your business money. Nationwide, the cost of lost productivity and accidents due to sleep disorders is estimated in the billions of dollars.

If your staff operates machinery, drives cars or trucks, or is otherwise involved in potentially dangerous tasks, you owe it to them – and to your company – to evaluate suspected sleep problems immediately. We will work with you to help your employees resolve their sleep challenges as quickly as possible and return them to work fully productive.

Count on Suburban Sleep to keep your employees alert. One call to is all it takes to get your employees working like they should and feeling better about it. With a good night’s sleep, they can wake up refreshed and eager to take on the day. No more relying on coffee or sodas to stay awake.

Find out which employees are tired. We’ve set up a simple written sleep evaluation that you can offer your staff – anonymously, if you like – to determine whether they might suffer from a sleep disorder.


  • Our experts are board-certified sleep physicians, and registered technologists and therapists.
  • Our testing is conducted by technologists with many years of experience, so everything from the sleep history to the actual study follows an established protocol proven over time to produce maximum efficiency and reliability.
  • Studies are scheduled promptly with detailed results delivered quickly.
  • Should our findings suggest that another referral is in order, we are able to recommend the services of dieticians, dentists, ENTs or other professionals.


We’ve made our care as convenient and affordable as possible:
Procedures are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans.

  • Competitive fees.
  • Flexible payment plans.
  • Major credit cards accepted.
  • Daytime, early evening and weekend sleep studies.
  • Free; handicapped-accessible parking.

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